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Yarrow Tincture
Yarrow Tincture
Yarrow Tincture

Yarrow Tincture

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Yarrow, also known by its botanical name Achillea millefolium, is named after the Greek hero of the Trojan War, Achilles. Millefolium means "thousand leaves", which speaks to its feathery leaves.  As an anti-infective herb, yarrow has many beneficial uses. 

Insect Repellant
Tincture sprayed on the skin repels mosquitoes and other insects, and is stronger and safer than products containing DEET.  Requires re-application after an hour.

Antiseptic & Pain Reliever
Yarrow cleans wounds large and small, and relieves the pain of wounds.  Getting lined up at the barber shop?  Instead of rubbing alcohol, yarrow sprayed on the hairline prevents infection and takes away the sting. Toothache? Sore throat? Hangnail? Bite your tongue? A spray of yarrow tincture will stop the pain and bleeding on them all.

Yarrow tincture destroys infective bacteria commonly associated with acne & relieves pain. At night, spray on face (or anywhere you have acne) and allow to air dry. Wash as usual in the morning.

Natural Deodorant
Spray underarm and allow to dry. Odor causing bacteria are destroyed.

Internally, yarrow tincture can be used for colds and flu.  A hot cup of the dried herb encourages sweating, which cools the body, thus reducing fever without interrupting the fever response.

Yarrow's benefits are so vast, almost anyone can find a use for it.



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