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Let's Talk About Hot Flashes

Chi. Kundalini. Prana. Hell.

This wave of energy goes by many names. No matter what you choose to call it, hot flashes can be one of the greatest challenges of menopause. Voice of the Wise Woman Tradition, Susun Weed, breaks down hot flashes into a palatable nugget:


Women can often feel like a victim of their own bodies during this time. While puberty is embraced, looked forward to even, as an expected change that provides the bridge between childhood and womanhood, menopause, on the other hand, is dreaded. We fight it. We take drugs to avoid it or put it off for as long as possible.

On the other hand, cultures in which women are safe, respected, praised, honored and supported, there exist celebrations for these sacred phases of life. Female elders of these often matriarchal communities act as guides providing support to women entering this new chapter. Even within the last 100 years during a time when women didn’t work outside of the home, they frequently supported each other in major life events. For example, when a woman gave birth, her circle of friends (her community) would bring food for her family, clean the house, help care for her and the baby and just be a supporting presence. These acts allowed the mother much needed time to rest and heal. In America, insurance companies kick women out of the hospital within 2 days of giving birth. If you’re lucky, you get six weeks off work then it’s back to the rat race. Unless you’re extremely wealthy, you can forget about taking extended time away from work and family to focus on yourself and your changing body when menopause starts knocking on your door.

As it has been for millennia, Mother Nature, Gaia, Magna Mater provides support for her beloveds. Motherwort is a plant partner that has something for every woman. It cools and reduces the frequency of hot flashes and night sweats, eases anxiety, calms the mind, smoothes out mood swings, relieves menstrual cramps, stops heart palpitations, increases vaginal lubrication, lowers blood pressure (and increases it if needed), and strengthens the heart muscle.

This scentless member of the mint family, is fiercely bitter. For this reason, it is most often used as a tincture, and can be taken as often as needed. A dose of 5-25 drops in an ounce or two of water repeated as often as needed can begin to provide relief. Our motherwort tincture is made from the fresh plant grown in the Gifts From Nature Garden.

Because motherwort provides such strong support for the cardiovascular system and the uterus, it is not recommended for those with fibroids, endometriosis and similar conditions, as menstrual flooding may occur. Use motherwort during pregnancy only under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. It has not been confirmed as safe to use while breastfeeding. As always, keep in mind that not all herbs work the same (or at all) for all persons.  Order a bottle to keep at home, as well as one to keep in your handbag. You don’t want to be without it when things heat up!


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For woman-centered support for the menopausal journey, Your Fairy Soap Mother highly recommends reading ‘New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way; Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90’ by Susun Weed. Understanding what’s going on within your body can ease the frustration of the many changes we go through.

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