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Herbal Tisanes
Herbal Tisanes
Herbal Tisanes
Herbal Tisanes

Herbal Tisanes

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True tea is the leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is found in tropical and subtropical locations. Tisanes, commonly referred to as herbal teas, are water-based infusions of various herbs, spices, flowers and leaves.

We worked meticulously with Viridian Tea Company.to create the perfect loose tisane blends especially for you.


Cold & Flu

This blend is formulated with herbs known to boost the immune system and reduce the duration of a cold or the flu.

Elderberries are known for their powerful antiviral action. They contain a protein that interrupts the cold and flu viruses' ability to replicate by preventing them  from penetrating body cell walls.

Peppermint contains a high amount of menthol, which helps break up congestion by thinning thick stuck mucous. Menthol also relaxes spasmodic stomach muscles easing stomach and intestinal cramps caused by gas. Peppermint famously relieves tension headaches which are common occurrence with a viral infection.

Ginger's bite is an indication of its warming ability.  Consuming warm beverages and warming herbs helps the immune system by raising the body's temperature, making your insides inhospitable to the cold & flu viruses. Chills, congested coughs and stuffy sinuses can be also relieved with ginger.

Lemon balm's powerful anti-viral action makes it a great addition to this brew, an it's sour lemony mint flavor imparts a lively note.  Energetically, lemon balm is cooling and relaxing, two sensations that are welcome during a bout of a cold or the flu.

Yarrow promotes sweating, which cools the body without reducing fever, allowing the immune system to keep fighting the virus.  It's ability to relieve pain is great for sore throats. As an anti-bacterial herb, yarrow works behind the scenes to address bronchitis and other bacterial infections that sneak in while the immune system is busy fighting off the cold or flu virus.


Counting Sheep

Passion flower is a cooling nervine. It calms the restless mind by slowing the breakdown of serotonin and norepinephrine, promoting sleep by allowing you to relax.

Chamomile adds an mild apple-y flavor to this blend. It's bitter energetics calm a nervous stomach, and helps keep the digestive system healthy. Rich in nerve and muscle nutrients calcium, magnesium and potassium, it relaxes muscle tissue helping one unwind from tension. 

Lavender is famous for it's ability to promote relaxation of the mind and body.  Sachets and pillows stuffed with it's beautiful flower buds have been used for ages to encourage deep sleep.

Skullcap is a relaxing nervine used by herbalists to relieve stress, anxiety, panic attacks and other nervous system distress. It's sedative action makes it a perfect complement to this blend.

Roses have been used medicinally for millenia. The fresh petals can be infused into honey and used as a tasty dressing on toast or a sweet treat. Dried, the petals make a delicious tea. In addition to healing wounds and relieving pain and inflammation, roses also support the nervous system.

Spearmint is cooling, and adds a lovely taste to this blend.


Happy Butterfly Tea Time

This magical brew is a fun way to introduce children to herbs and encourage them to make them a part of their lifestyle.

Butterfly pea flowers transforms the brew into a beautiful blue right before your eyes!  It has been used historically in traditional Chinese medicine as a brain booster and a support for cognitive function.  Beneficial flavonoids, found in almost all fruits, vegetables and flowers, are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits.

Lemongrass adds a lemony zing to this blend.  Used extensively in Thai cuisine, this tropical herb boasts many health benefits such as easing digestive complaints and headaches.

Orange peel has been used for thousands of years as herbal medicine.  Many nutrients, such as calcium potassium, B vitamins and vitamin A, are found in citrus peels. Their bitter energetics lend themselves to improving digestion by stimulating production of digestive fluids, breaking down foods more effectively and better utilizing their nutrients.